C.F.C.C. Y.O.U.T.H. Ministry

A Place To Belong

God’s Vision Is Our Focus!

We Envision Christ Family Community Church YOUTH (Young, Outstanding, Uncommon, Transformers & Honorable) Ministries becoming Disciples, Impactors & World Change Agents that are empowered, effective, and established in the Kingdom of God.

We Envision CFCC youth experiencing a Mentoring Movement, that will build Momentum and become Monumental which will stand as a repeatable Monument for future Generation.

We Envision CFCC Youth Ministries Mission as: “Transforming the Lead into Transformational Leaders” this will be done by modeling, equipping and providing the necessary resources that will prepare them to lead and go into every man’s world to affect change until the kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of Gods.

Core Values

Sound Biblical Teaching: We are committed to teaching the way, the truth and the life of Gods word that will bring transformation in the life of our youth.

Servant leadership: We are dedicated to developing youth into servant leaders who will lead by serving and helping to bring change and transformation in the lives of the saved and unsaved.

Mentoring: Our direct personal involvement with the youth will help to develop, nurture, strengthen and steer our youth into their destiny.

Out Stretched Arms: We are committed to reaching back to the youth who have walked with God but slip away. We will reach forward to youth who have never known God so that they may run with God.

Generational Worship: The youth of this generation will worship God not necessarily out of the traditional songs of the past but out of the creative anointing of the Spirit of God for our youth today.