C.F.C.C. Table of Counsel and Men’s Round Table

A Place To Belong

C.F.C.C.’s Table of Counsel vision is to help men develop the character and mind of Christ. (The Anointed One).

T.O.C. will actively disciple men in order to reconnect them to God, to His word and other men of the faith. By consistently following the principles of the word, we will be trained by the Spirit of Truth on how to live a victorious covenant life through Christ (The Anointed One)

T.O.C.’s mission is to create an atmosphere whereby men can come and receive sound wisdom from on high concerning the affairs of life.

T.O.C.’s mission is to declare truth from the manual on life about who, what and why we are.

T.O.C.’s mission is to see men resume their rightful place as spiritual leaders of their home, family, and community.

All men are welcomed to attend the Table of Counsel every Monday from 7 pm – 9 pm.