C.F.C.C. Vision Reality Declaration

A Place To Belong

We believe here at Christ Family Community Church it is the heart of God to see His house built today for the preservation of future generations

Our “Vision” here at Christ Family Community Church is to disciple Christ centered families that will “Impact” community life with the establishment and advancement of the “Kingdom of God” in the earth.

We believe it is the heart of God to bring “Impact” to our region in the following ways through this local body. These are the foundation stones that under gird this ministry.

Powerful and prevailing prayer is the under riding foundation stone at the base of this ministry effecting the world for the sake of the Kingdom of God

We firmly believe that the Lord has given us the ability to “Mobilize” resources to strengthen the family, community and the region.

Through “Strategic Partnerships” in the Body of Christ we will utilize “Resources” to equip our families, community and region.

We believe that Christ Family Community Church will acquire multiple properties and resources needed to teach and equip God’s people.

Christ “Standards” will be the moral influence of family life.

We firmly believe that it is our God given mandate to “Train” up the “Generations” to come for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth

Our mission is to establish a multi-purpose “Resource Center” to serve the community and region to reach the masses for the Kingdom of God. We believe that the impact of the “Mission” is far reaching and generational.